Real Estate Law.

The time to have a real estate contract reviewed by legal counsel (or any contract for that matter), is before you sign it.  We are frequently contacted by potential clients asking us to review a real estate contract which they have already signed; occasionally, this delay in seeking legal advice can have serious consequences.  Allowing our firm to assist with contract drafting and negotiations from the very beginning of the selling or buying process increases the likelihood of a “glitch-free” real estate experience.  Our attorneys are very experienced in real estate law and able to assist you or your company with matters as varied as project finance, title review, purchase options, commercial leases, easements, quiet title actions, foreclosure lawsuits and workouts, real estate broker disputes and property management contracts.  Also, we take pride in having represented literally hundreds of homeowners associations over the years in matters of every stripe and color, including issues related to responsible governance policies and the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.

Business Law.

Creating and successfully running a business in Colorado presents multiple and varied challenges.  Ensuring that the ever-changing, applicable law is understood and complied with is critical to meeting your business goals.  If you have decided to form a corporate or other limited liability entity, strict formalities must be followed and failure to do so could result in a business entity losing, or never even establishing, a shield of limited liability for its underlying principals.  The time to contact knowledgeable legal counsel is before you set up a business entity.  Richmond Sprouse, LLC has the extensive experience necessary to help you in setting up and maintaining your partnership, corporation or limited liability company.  We also act as legal counsel for numerous Colorado non-profit corporations.  Naturally, our firm is also well-versed in advising and assisting clients with business asset purchase and sale agreements, as well as complex business contract negotiations and transactions.

Construction Law.

Naturally, the best time to contact competent legal counsel is before problems arise; however, sometimes that simply doesn’t happen.  Regardless, whether you are a homeowner, developer, general contractor or subcontractor, Richmond Sprouse, LLC has the experience to effectively represent your best interest in construction-related transactions or disputes. For over two decades, our attorneys have been representing and assisting clients in construction law matters from the very beginning stages of projects (contract drafting, negotiations and governmental approvals), to post-completions matters, including construction defect claims, insurance-coverage matters and payment issues. Colorado’s Construction Defect Action Reform Act can present unique legal hurdles for both homeowners and contractors and we can help. Our firm's attorneys have decades of combined experience dealing with contract issues ranging from matters involving single and multi-family construction projects, to large commercial complexes, planned unit developments and government entity undertakings. Also, we frequently represent individual owners and homeowners associations in condominium-related construction matters.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Preparing for the inevitable is an important, but often neglected, task for all of us. An estate plan should ideally consider your family’s circumstances, various forms of property ownership, succession planning for your family business interests, designation of beneficiaries on life insurance policies and retirement plans. The preparation of wills, trusts, and related documents is an essential tool for protecting the long-term security of your family.  At Richmond Sprouse, LLC, we are experienced in drafting wills and trust agreements which are tailored to protect your specific estate planning concerns. A proper estate plan addresses the designation of guardians for minor children, personal representatives, medical or financial agents and trustees. The conservation and disposition of your property through trusts can be an effective tool for uninterrupted management of assets through incapacity and death, avoidance of probate, private disposition of assets, protection from creditors, avoidance of taxes and restraint on the use of property that may not be accomplished through a direct gift or conveyance.  In addition to trust and estate planning services, our attorneys are experienced in estate related issues such as real property transfers, trust funding and administration, and domiciliary and ancillary probate administration.

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